28 Sep BTI Nº 205

We have already spoken briefly about the Internalization of enterprises, an activity we believe to be crucial.

In recent years, few economic phenomena have attracted as much attention as the growth of the Spanish foreign trade sector. The highly likely global economic downturn, further accentuated by the impact of coronavirus, could put an end a very positive decade for exports, which has helped Spain to place itself in the top European positions in this field. This was unthinkable at the time of last decade’s crisis that left the country in an somewhat delicate position.

According to official sources, Spain’s exports nosedived 15.8% in the first half-year due to the pandemic situation we are going through


To try to overcome this situation and achieve competitive success, one available option is to focus on internationalization.


Ultimately, this panorama should encourage SMEs as a whole to make the most of the different internationalization initiatives made available to them at different levels and by different organizations, in such a way that they are encouraged to engage in a genuine foreign trade expansion process with the maximum guarantees, thus asserting their competitive advantages beyond the boundaries of the domestic market, as one of the factors that can contribute to surmount this situation.

Today, selling abroad is not an option; it is a necessity.






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