17 May BTI Nº 192

Dear customers and friends,


The purpose of this newsletter is not necessary to review the management model ISO 9001-14001, we dedicate these lines to think about their usefulness and improvements in his application.


One of the most usual problems with which the auditors were facing, is when applying the standards ISO 9001-14001 in an organization were people in the beginning, they are few companies who chose by their own initiative Management System quality, and which take it by obligation entered in this group of certified companies, it was usual to make questions and approaches that now would be almost unimaginable.


Who will tell us how we have to work! This of ISO is for others, I will continue as always, well, if is necessary I will put on a show: I will pay attention to the auditor telling him how committed I am with quality (Who doesn´t want quality!), I will sign the four papers that he offer me…


The passage of time and globalization has made that today a large bulk of domestic and foreign companies are certified ISO, EN, VDE, UL, etc. Turning something standardized and all we all have assumed that the future is in continuous improvement.


The benefits to an organization of these rules are many and varied, for example:


1 – Let you know a form of management (practices) agreed by world-recognized experts reflecting on the way to work.

2 – Serve as opportunity to obtain opinions, reviews, and ideas of professionals from outside the organization.

3 – Exerts pressure to the organization to correct bad habits and enforce “laws management” residing in the documentation of management system.

4 – It is dispensed of documented information.


As a certified company we are obliged to search the continuous improvement, but it is not possible without the cooperation of our clients, expressing their comments, ideas, and concerns through our business partners.


Again we expect your cooperation.




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