19 Feb BTI Nº 189

Packaging: a great marketing tool.


Achieving excellent results is not just a matter of luck. The packaging industry is always one step ahead with the latest developments and never ceases to offer new, smart solutions in response to social changes. The demand for smaller packaging units, the need to adapt to the increasingly specific user preferences and the constant evolution of packaging designs poses major challenges for businesses.

The function of containers is not limited to protecting the product during storage and transport: packaging can offer much more. For many years, packaging has been a channel of communication between producers and consumers, and it is widely accepted that containers can be very effective marketing tool.


A poor quality container is counterproductive since it can result in damage, decomposition, and even, in extreme cases, complete the rejection of buyers. Hence, bad packaging can result in losing a sale and even losing a customer. The container is an element that allows a differential advantage to be established with respect to competing products, especially those of equal quality.



In light of all this, Quimica21 markets its products in line with the prevailing regulations and always respecting the environment, all in order to offer its customer a good quality and great service.






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