20 Sep BTI Nº 184



In a society as globalised as ours, failing to address the growing demand of conducting business between countries would be a major mistake.


Opening markets in foreign countries is crucial for achieving  business expansion, offering services and products on a larger scale and of course,  for increasing revenue by establishing new customers.


Deciding whether or not to launch the internationalisation of our company of our company leads us to consider the advantages we may enjoy, including;

  • Reducing the negative impact of domestic markets.
  • Making the most of existing resources on external markets to achieve lower unit costs at production level.
  • Growing and consolidating in foreign markets, especially if competition is crowded in the country of origin.
  • Ability to prolong the life cycle of a specific product when markets are available.
  • Need to participate in worldwide markets driven by globalisation of the economy.
  • Creation of strategic alliances with foreign firms in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and diversify products.
  • Leverage comparative advantages and expanded market opportunities through preferential agreements.
  • Seek greater profitability in international markets and ensure the long-term subsistence of the company.
  • Reputation and image. The international projection of companies entails an added value by increasing their good reputation and brand image.
  • Painstaking quality of products and services. Companies usually pay great attention to the quality of the services and products they sell. They invest a great deal of effort to ensure customer satisfaction and a good aftersales service. This meticulousness can be useful for entering a foreign trade niche for SMEs, sometimes ignored by large companies

Finally, we should recall that the internationalisation process is positive at macro-economic level since we provide a benefit towards improving the domestic economy, and also a micro-economic benefit, i.e., in favour of the company. It is obviously a complex process, but like all effort, it has its rewards.




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