27 Apr BTI Nº 180

Product packaging is one of the hallmarks that aids to enhance the company image and the profitability of its production.

Quality also plays a part in packaging, reflected through the design, functionality and expression of:



These two concepts will serve to gauge the operability of the product, the degree of customer satisfaction and the development costs spent.

Through packaging, we are aware of how our product will be presented in the initial contact with the customer, for this reason, this part will be developed along with the prior marketing surveys.

Through wrapping, we know how our product is dressed, protected during shipment and ready to go on sale, thus, development and the implementation of logistics play an important part.

Taking into account all of the above, Quimica21 markets its products according to current regulations and while respecting the environment, all with the aim of providing the customer with good quality and good service.

Its principal packaging consists of Big Bags and 25kg bags, regarding the Big Bags, they are reinforced plastic raffias, with handles on the upper part composed of fine strings perfectly woven and fitted in order to guarantee the correct product capacity of 1,000kg. Alternatively, the 25kg bags, come in paper, also reinforced with layers of cardboard.

Both aforementioned packages, are properly screen-printed with the essential company details.


For exports, it is a matter of adapting the product packaging, as well as, the wrapping of the product, in order to comply with the laws and legislation of the country of destination, and therefore being able to properly carry out the client’s requested operation.





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