22 Feb BTI Nº 178

Get more out of international fairs


As you already know, the International Security Exhibition (SICUR) will take place from the 20th until 02/23/2018, and be held at IFEMA (Madrid), and whose frequency is semi-annual.

Bring out your most business side as we are suggesting that you attend international fairs in order to explore the possibilities of the products that you market and/or factories in other markets.


The first thing to consider is that attendance at a trade show is not an end in itself but a tool to achieve a goal commercial in nature. An international fair is a place to showcase your company’s corporate image and to present your range of products and services, check out the competition, as well as possible market niches in your industry, in addition to being an ideal place to do some networking.

When preparing for the fair we should consider:


Screening criteria. The key is to select those that will have a greater return for your business (measure this environment by investment, agreements, promotion or knowledge of the sector). Issues to consider? The date, its frequency, the venue, whether your competitors are attending, if it is a leading event in your industry, etc.
Define objectives. In order to take advantage of your attendance at fairs, it is essential to conceptualize your objectives… and a lot of planning.

Identify your contacts. Find out your target contacts, that is to say, those that interest you and, among these, those that give you the most value according to the marketing strategy that you have defined.
Where to find those potential contacts? The key source is the exhibitor directory of the chosen fair. It is important that you put yourself in the shoes of those target contacts to know what their needs are and to address those matters.


The programs at the trade fairs should have a margin of flexibility. For that matter, it is advisable to leave gaps to make up for appointments that cannot be carried out at the scheduled time.

Times have changed and also the trade fairs, gone are those years when fairs were the meeting point for the whole sector and almost the only way to stay informed or be in contact both for both sellers and buyers.

We hope this information is useful to you concerning the visits to international fairs that you have planned.




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