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In response to the immediate needs of the Spanish market, the company QUÍMICA 21, S.L. was formed in 1990 for the sole purpose of manufacturing class ABC, BC, and D powder extinguishers. Soon interest was shown by foreign markets, which currently constitute a high percentage of the firm’s business.

From the beginning, the entire production process has taken place in large facilities that guarantee the high quality of the products manufactured, thus offering all its customers an unbeatable service.

Constant research, backed by state-of-the art technologies, has enabled the development of products adapted to the requirements of a continuously evolving market. The production units are fully automated and respectful towards the environment, providing a significant production capacity while ensuring high-quality, safety and expansion thus placing QUÍMICA 21 among the leading manufacturers of powder extinguishers worldwide.


Consolidate the company as part of the benchmark business group in the Spanish fire-fighting market. Furthermore, significant investments were made in facilities and the company began its regional expansion to other provinces in Spain.
Once consolidated as a benchmark in the regional fire-fighting sector, QUIMICA 21 underwent a major revolution at all levels.
New policies were implemented with a view to territorial expansion and business diversification. The commissioning of the second production plant, growing sales in a number of countries, and the development of the QFIRE product range are some of the most important events that took place.


At QUÍMICA 21, we adapt our products to our customers’ needs.

The entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and final product marketing, is permanently controlled by independent certification entities that verify and endorse each of its stages, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Throughout its industrial and commercial track-record, QUÍMICA 21 has been a benchmark of quality as evidenced by the various certificates obtained to date.

Environmental protection is essential to QUÍMICA 21. For this reason we monitor our environmental impact and manage our waste.

Our company holds UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 certification guaranteeing our commitment.

At QUÍMICA 21 we support the use of alternative energy sources that help to improve and preserve the environment.

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels to power our facilities, is proof of our support to this pro-environmental cause.

  • Enhance its R&D team through collaboration with public and private research institutes, in order to develop greater efficiency and more technologically optimized formulas. It aims to promote the commercial network, supporting the internationalization process both Europe and other countries worldwide.
  • Increase its collaboration with companies producing fire extinguishers, in order to improve the performance of the chemical extinguishing agents, through an exchange of know-how and experience. Furthermore, the company also wants to create professional training opportunities in fire extinguishers for maintenance managers and for institutions, in order to contribute to raising safety levels in national and international markets.
  • Boosting our competitiveness through an innovative approach to processes and products.
  • Investments focused on staff training.
  • Pursuing our long-standing business reliability and honesty.


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