17 May BTI Nº 170

Thoughts of humble worker.

In the current situation, many people say, “markets are deregulated and decentralised” where any person/companies can buy/sell any product, in any country in the world – but, who can understand the different regulations and standards that exist?

How can it be explained that the application of these regulations and standards often only works one way?

How can it be explained that the rules/standards, which usually have technical implications, are influenced by political decisions?

How can we understand and accept the different criteria, standards and requirements that exist in the same zone; Europe for example?

Practical example: a 20´incoterm container, is an international transport unit, which internally measures 5.895m * 2.35m * 2.39m.

A Europallet measures 0.80m * 1. 2m.

How can we explain that it is not possible, between both standards, to fill 100% of the surface?

This leads me to the following conclusion:

A cobbler should stick to his last, i.e. politicians whose job it is to legislate should enact the indications/advice provided by professional technicians after a thorough analysis of the internal/external markets, as a basis for adapting the appropriate rules, and in the appropriate sense.




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